Who's Who at St. Joseph's Hospice

Our dedicated and highly committed team are always striving for the Jospice cause. Here is an insight to Who's Who here at St Joseph's Hospice.

The Management Team


Mike Parr, Chief Executive       Clare Waller, Clinical Director     Nadine Givens, Inpatient Unit Manager

Our Trustees

  • George Foster (Chair)
  • David Bricknell (Vice-chair)
  • Jane Daly
  • Yvonne Atkinson
  • Judith Welch
  • Peter Morgan


Our President St Joseph’s Hospice Association is proud to have as its President Cardinal Vincent Nichols MA, M.Ed, STL. Cardinal Nichols is Archbishop of Westminster. He was born and brought up in Crosby so has known Jospice well for many years. His mother was a cousin of Fr Francis O’Leary, our founder and he recalls that Fr O’Leary was often in their home.

Our Vice-Presidents

  • Lord David Alton
  • Cherie Blair
  • Charles Callaghan
  • Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • Pauline Daniels
  • Don Franks
  • Michael Hanlon
  • Rosa Mannion
  • The Mayor of Sefton
  • Dean Sullivan
  • Clair Curtis Thomas

Our Founder

The story of Jospice International is the life story of the compassion, the dreams, the sublime faith, the charisma, the persuasiveness and the persistence of one man... Father Francis O’Leary.

Father Francis O’Leary was a legend in his own lifetime... a man in a million... God’s fool. Like St Francis of Assisi his actions always preached; sometimes he used words.
He pushed the barriers of “can’t do” into “can do” and did it.

Those of us who worked with him learned to take his foolishness seriously. He was the irritant that formed the pearl. He loved you, without you being aware. He had the knack of making you believe he couldn’t manage without you, so you tried your best to meet his need the result was often surprising, beyond your expectations and his.

He was described by one stricken family as “ a light at the end of a dark tunnel”.