St Joseph's Hospice Overseas

We support hospices in Guatemala, Honduras and Ecuador. We have links with hospices in Pakistan, India and Mexico which bear the hospice name.

In May 2009 our Director of Fundraising Pat Murphy visited our Hopices in Guatemala and Honduras. Click here to read her daily diary.

  • St Joseph's Hospice in Guatemala

    We started working in Guatemala in 1990. Father O'Leary opened a small hospice in Guatemala City to care for the most needy in that area. Very soon the building became too small and inadequate. Not only was St Joseph's Hospice caring for people with end of life illnesses, but also were caring for a number of orphaned children that were either children of patients who had passed away or babies that had been abandoned in the area. 

  • St Joseph's Hospice in Honduras

    We support a 25 bedded hospice in San Pedro Sula Honduras. This is the second city of the country, and the hospice is situated on the outskirts of the city. It cares for patients who are terminally ill and supports their families. The hospice was opened in 1990 and has cared for hundreds of people over the years.

    A Mother & baby unit opened in Morazan in 1977, and provides basic health care to thousands of adults and children in that region. There is another outpatient clinic in Noeva Esperanta, a very remote area, that opened in 2000.

    St Joseph's here in Liverpool continues to support this work, and has an English nurse/manager running the centres based in the country. In 2009, a 40 ft container full of medical items, clothing and educational goods was shipped out to our centre. This would have not been possible without the support of local fundraisers and volunteers.

    We repeated this feat and sent another 40 ft container full of supplies in 2012, and you can read all about it here.

  • St Joseph's Hospice in Ecuador

     Through longstanding relationships with missionaries, such as The Society of Saint James and St Joseph's Hospice-supported Mill Hill Missionary Fr. Frank Smith, we seek to enhance services to the poor, especially those suffering from HIV/AIDS.