St Joseph's Hospice in Guatemala

The Hospice now operates independently of our UK operation but still uses the St Joseph's name.


In 1990 Father O'Leary opened a small hospice in Guatemala City to care for the most needy in that area. Very soon the building became too small and inadequate. Not only was the Hospice caring for people with end of life illnesses, but also for a number of orphaned children that were either children of patients who had past away or babies that had been abandoned in the area.

  • In 2003 a grant from the Guatemalan government was received to enable us to have a new larger unit built on the outskirts of the city in Santa Lucia. This centre can care for up to 20 terminally ill adults, but is also home to 70 orphan children, sadly all suffering with the HV virus. They also offer a "hospice at home" service, which cares for up to 200 people each month in their own home.

  • The age of the children in the centre ranges from 16 years down to just a few months. They are well cared for by the nursery carers and other staff at our centre. Those who are old enough go to school, and all children have the opportunity to play, do homework and crafts in the days rooms. The children sleep in dormitories of six, with a nursery carer with them each night. Many look on this carer as a parent.